Community Guidelines

Last updated on February 13, 2023

These Community Guidelines, our Terms and Conditions, and Safety Tips are designed to ensure that every user can have a safe and enjoyable experience on Cliqued. They serve as a guide for your behavior towards other members and apply equally to everyone. Ignoring these guidelines may result in the loss of access to our platform.

1. Inappropriate Content and Behavior.

1.1 Minimum Age

The use of Cliqued is only allowed from the age of 45.

1.2 Inappropriate Profile Photos

Profile photos may not contain content that is considered inappropriate according to these community guidelines. They should help other members get a realistic impression of your appearance. The following is prohibited:

  • Filters that distort the natural appearance.
  • Images that infringe copyright.
  • Faces that are not recognizable.
  • Pictures that show other people’s faces or people (including children).
  • Images with watermarks or superimposed text.
  • Pornographic material.
1.3 Inappropriate Chat and Video Behavior

Inappropriate chat behavior includes behavior that violates the guidelines of this community. This includes:

  • Sending messages and video chat requests to members with disproportionate frequency.
  • Sending first contact messages to an unreasonably high number of members at short intervals. Cliqued reserves the right to set certain limits which are necessary to ensure the security and seriousness of the platform.
1.4 Fraudulent Behavior

It is not allowed to pretend untrue facts to gain an advantage. This includes, among other things:

  • Assuming a false identity or creating multiple profiles.
  • Pretending to be in financial need to receive money or other benefits. 
  • Obvious search for sexual adventures, affairs, or the like.
1.5 Bullying, Harassment, Trivialization, Insults

Content that promotes bullying, harassment, trivialization, or insults to individuals and groups of people will not be tolerated. This includes, among other things: 

  • Targeted insults to individuals about their appearance, nationality, gender, name, or lifestyle.
  • Content that exploits third parties, e.g. blackmail or marriage scams.
  • Mobbing.
  • Dissemination of content with the aim of humiliating third parties.
1.6 Content with sexual content and vulgar language

Content containing sexual activity or vulgar language is prohibited on Cliqued. This includes:

  • Offers of sexual services in exchange for payment or other benefits/gifts.
  • Depictions of nudity or sexually suggestive poses that would be inappropriate in public.
  • Descriptions or images of sexual acts or positions, and sexual depictions of body parts.
  • Content depicting sex toys, instructions for sexual activities, illegal sexual themes, or fetishes.
  • Vulgar content, including but not limited to profanity, vulgar language, text, or adult or pornographic content.
  • Content depicting, describing, or inciting bestiality or necrophilia.
1.7 Discrimination

Our Community Guidelines prohibit any content that incites violence or hatred against individuals or groups based on characteristics such as ethnicity, religion, disability, age, nationality, sexual orientation, gender, or gender identity. This includes, for example:

  • Content or statements that suggest inhumanity, inferiority, or hatred towards others.
  • Statements or content that imply oppression, contempt, or hatred of others.
  • Insults, stereotypes, or conspiracy theories that cast individuals and groups of people in a bad light and/or claim that they are a danger.
  • Materials, practices, or symbols associated with extremist or banned organizations.
  • Right-wing or left-wing extremist content that incites the spread of intolerance or violence.
1.8 Violence

Content that describes or incites violence or other aggressive behavior is not permitted on Cliqued. This includes:

  • Depictions or descriptions of violence or threats of violence.
  • Content that encourages dangerous activities or behavior that may be dangerous to the individual or others.
  • Content related to terrorism, inciting acts of terrorism or violence or glorifying terrorist acts.
1.9 Advertising and spam

We do not tolerate content and behavior that serves a purpose other than communication and getting to know other members. This includes:

  • Offering and advertising goods or services to other members.
  • Profile entries, initial messages, and contact requests that include personal contact details such as full name, address, telephone number, email address, etc.
  • Uploading data that contains a virus or contains software or other material that is protected by copyright.
  • Soliciting from other platforms.
  • Sending messages, pictures, or profile entries that serve a commercial purpose.
1.10 Promoting dangerous products.

We do not tolerate content that glorifies recommends or trivializes dangerous products, activities or behavior. This includes, among other things:

  • Promoting explosives, firearms, ammunition, knives, or firearm accessories.
  • The promotion of drugs, alcohol, and other mind-altering substances, and the abuse of medications.

2. Enforcing and Monitoring Compliance with these Guidelines.

2.1 Our Responsibility

To ensure our community is a safe and respectful place for all, we use a combination of manual checks and machine learning. Every day, our service team checks profiles that are conspicuous and reported by our members and excludes them from our service if necessary. In addition, we use a variety of technical barriers to detecting fraudsters quickly and reliably.

2.2 Your assistance

If you come across suspicious activity or content that violates our Community Guidelines, you can report it in the app. We will review reports on a prioritized basis and may take action in the event of a violation, such as warnings, temporary or permanent suspensions, or profile deletions. Please report the following behavior immediately using the report button and block the user if necessary:

  • Profile hijacking and phishing (false identity).
  • Fraud (e.g. financial matters).
  • Pornography.
  • Hateful content and threats.
  • Insults.
  • Under 18s.
  • Fake profiles.
  • Commercial activities.
  • Chain letters.
  • Dangerous or harmful content.

Your safety and the safety of all our members need to respond promptly to warnings issued or safety requests made by Cliqued.

Please follow the recommendations of our team of experts or contact us if you have important information or can provide clarification. Help us keep Cliqued a safe platform.

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