7 Tips to Help You Write Your First Message

Cliqued can be a great way for many people to meet new people and find potential partners. In particular, for people age 45 and older who may have been single for a while or are looking for a new relationship or friend, Cliqued can be a welcome way to find a friend or the love of their life.

An important part of using the app is writing the first message to someone you want to meet. However, it can be difficult to know what to say and how to attract the person’s attention. To help you with this, here are 7 tips for a successful first message:

1. Be honest. Write your first message with authenticity and honesty. Avoid presenting yourself as someone you are not by providing false information. Instead, be truthful and create a genuine impression of your true self.

2. Show interest. Make it clear in your first message that you are interested in the person. Ask about their hobbies, interests and goals and try to find common topics.

3. Be respectful and polite. Always use a respectful and polite tone in your message. Avoid using insulting or suggestive language.

4. Keep it short and to the point. Your first message should be short and to the point. Avoid giving out too much information at once or writing a message that is too long.

5. Avoid being too forward. Avoid being too forward in your first message or asking the person directly to meet you. Instead, let things flow naturally and give the person a chance to respond to your message.

6. Don’t use abbreviations. Don’t use abbreviations or slang expressions in your first message. Instead, use proper grammar and spelling to make a good impression.

7. Be creative. Try to make your first message creative and interesting rather than a standard message. Think about what feature or quality of the person’s profile appealed to you and incorporate that into your message.

We hope these tips will help you get rid of the initial nervousness. It’s important to remember to be yourself and let things happen naturally. This can make meeting new people a fun and rewarding experience.


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