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How to Find a New Hobby That Suits You: 5 Tipps

Do you sometimes feel lonely and wish for more contact with other people? Do you have more and more time on your hands but don’t know how to use it meaningfully? Or are you simply curious about exciting ways to spend your free time?

If you’ve answered “Yes” to any of these questions, then you’re in the right place. In this post, you’ll learn how to find a new hobby that suits you.

The Most Popular Hobbies in Germany and Switzerland

Did you know that more and more people aged 50 plus are curious and want to try new hobbies? In addition, a survey by Statista from the year 2023 shows that interests and hobbies are very diverse. Here are the most popular hobbies according to this survey:

• Meeting friends
• Outdoor activities
• Reading
• Traveling
• Sports and fitness
• Cooking/Baking

How Can You Find New Hobbies?

If you don’t yet know which hobby suits you or what you enjoy, you can follow these tips:

1. Create a list of things that interest you or activities you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t had the time or courage to pursue. Write them down and let your own list inspire you.

2. Use the internet or explore your surroundings to search for offers, courses, or clubs related to your interests. There are so many possibilities out there—you’ll be surprised by what you can find!

3. Sign up for a free or inexpensive trial class or attend an open event to get a first impression of the hobby. This gives you the chance to figure out if it’s really something for you!

4. Bring a friend along or find like-minded individuals online or through an app like Cliqued who can accompany or motivate you. Shared experiences make everything more enjoyable and encourage you to stick with it.

5. Lastly, don’t give up if you don’t immediately enjoy it or encounter difficulties. Practice makes perfect! Give yourself time to grow and develop a passion for your new hobby. Enjoy the process and remember that having fun is the most important thing!

Types of Hobbies

There are countless ways to spend your leisure time. To make your choice easier, we’ve compiled some examples here.

Creative Hobbies

If you enjoy creating things with your hands or expressing yourself artistically, creative hobbies might be for you. For example, you can:

• Paint/Draw
• Make music
• Act in theater
• Dance
• Photograph
• Write
• Craft
• Sew
• Garden

Creative hobbies stimulate your imagination, concentration, and self-confidence. Plus, you can proudly showcase or give away your own creations.

Sporty Hobbies

If you like being physically active or want to stay fit, sporty hobbies might be your thing. For instance, you can:

• Hike
• Cycle
• Swim
• Play tennis
• Play soccer
• Play volleyball
• Play basketball
• Practice yoga
• Practice pilates

Sport hobbies improve your health, endurance, and coordination. Moreover, they allow you to relieve stress, have fun, and make new friends.

Relaxing Hobbies

If you enjoy relaxing or calming your mind, relaxing hobbies might be a fit. For example, you can:

• Meditate
• Read
• Travel
• Play board games
• Play video games
• Engage in online gaming

Relaxing hobbies help you recover, enhance your mood, and boost your creativity. Additionally, you can discover new worlds, experience exciting stories, and meet interesting people.

How Can You Find People Who Share Your Hobbies on Cliqued?

So, you’ve found a new hobby that you enjoy, but you don’t have anyone to share it with? Or you’re searching for a partner who understands and supports your passion for your hobby?

This is where Cliqued comes in. Cliqued is an innovative app designed to help you find the perfect partner for your hobbies.

With Cliqued, you can:

• Create your profile and specify your interests.
• Find people who match your interests and share your hobbies or inspire you to try new ones.
• Chat with them and make plans.
• Enjoy your hobbies together or discover new ones.


Finding a new hobby that suits you isn’t so difficult. You just need to know what interests you, gather information, try new things, find like-minded individuals, and have fun.

And with Cliqued, you can easily find companions and kindred spirits who support you on this journey.


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