The Trend of Shared Apartments for People Over 50: A Response to Societal Changes

The shared apartment, once often associated with students or young adults, is experiencing a remarkable renaissance among people aged 50 and beyond. In Germany and Switzerland, the trend of shared apartments for those over 50 is gaining increasing popularity, and for good reason.

Changing Life Situations and the Search for Community

The rise of shared apartments for people beyond 50 is shaped by a variety of factors related to societal changes and individual needs. The desire for community and social interaction plays a central role. Living in a shared apartment offers the opportunity to combat the loneliness that often occurs in old age when children leave home or the social environment changes.

The Changing Family Structure

The traditional family structure is changing. More and more people are either childless or have adult children who lead their own lives. This creates a new dynamic that makes it possible to establish a shared apartment for those over 50 and to benefit from the advantages of communal living. The responsibility for one’s own home can be shared, while at the same time strengthening social contacts.

Increasing Life Expectancy and Active Aging

The increasing life expectancy is a great success of modern health care. Today, people have the opportunity to be active long after retirement. This desire for an active lifestyle is reflected in the preference for alternative living forms like shared apartments. Shared apartments for those over 50 offer not only financial benefits through shared rental costs but also the opportunity to undertake activities together and support each other.

The Benefits of Co-Living for Shared Apartments Over 50

Co-living is a concept that takes communal living to a new level. It’s not just about sharing a space, but also about a shared vision, values, and interests. Co-living offers more than just accommodation, but also a community that inspires, supports, and enriches each other.

For shared apartments over 50, co-living can be an ideal solution for leading a fulfilled and happy life. Co-living offers the following benefits:

• More Quality of Life: Co-living allows reducing the costs of living space, utilities, internet, and other services without sacrificing comfort and amenities. Co-living also provides access to common areas like kitchens, living rooms, gardens, or gyms that promote well-being and health.

• More Social Interaction: Co-living creates an atmosphere of openness, trust, and friendship. Co-living allows meeting people with similar interests, hobbies, and life goals and exchanging with them. Co-living also offers the opportunity to participate in joint events, workshops, or excursions that stimulate learning and creativity.

• More Flexibility and Freedom: Co-living allows maintaining one’s privacy while also enjoying the company of others, depending on mood and need. Co-living also offers the possibility to change residence without worrying about long-term contracts or deposits. Co-living allows exploring the world and having new experiences without giving up a home.

Cliqued: The Right Connection for the Perfect Shared Apartment

When it comes to finding the right roommates for a shared apartment over 50, the Cliqued app can be a valuable resource. Cliqued connects people based on shared interests and life phases. This platform makes it easier to meet like-minded individuals who share the same lifestyle and similar needs. By bringing people together who want to establish a shared apartment, Cliqued offers the opportunity to not only share a home but also to create friendships and enjoy life to the fullest.

In a time when social connections and community are increasingly valued, the shared apartment for those over 50 stands as an answer to these needs. Through the trend of shared apartments for those over 50, people can lead a fulfilling, active, and communal life – and thanks to platforms like Cliqued, easily find the right roommates to walk this path together.


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